Pure Argan Oil

 There's a lot of hype around Argan oil. Here's why Pure Argan oil is great for your skin and hair.

Argan Oil

  • Can help to reduce acne breakouts
  • regulates the sebum (natural oil) your face produces
  • Hydrates your hair making it softer 
  • promotes healthier fuller hair
  • rich in Vitamin E


For Acne Prone Skin:

Take a few drops of Argan oil and apply gently to the face and neck in circular motion. Massage into any areas of acne, scars or wrinkles you may want to lessen or fade.

For Hair:

Argan oil hydrates your hair, making it softer. Argan oil can penetrate into the shaft of your hair to enhance moisture and help with preventing breakage!

Take a few drops and massage generously into hair.

Size: 2oz

Ingredients: 100% Pure Argan Oil.

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