All Natural Body Butter and Scrubs Gift Set

Give the gift of natural beauty with this gift box set. Included in this handmade set is 3 of our all natural Shea butter based body butters and 3 body scrubs. 3 Scrubs and 3 Butters Chosen at random.

3 random scrubs and 3 random Body butters are included In this set:

  • Blueberry and Myrrh Body Butter
  • Blueberry & Peppermint Body Scrub
  • Creamy Coconut and Moringa Oil Body Butter
  • Creamy Coconut Body Scrub
  • Sweet Almond Body Butter
  • Sweet Almond Body Scrub
  • Tropical Pineapple Body Butter
  • Delicate Rose Body Butter
  • Delicate Rose Body Scrub
  • Gingerbread Body Butter
  • Sugary Snowflakes Body Butter
  • Candy Cane Body Butter
  • Candy Cane Body Scrub
  • Sugary Snowflakes Body Scrub

These products contain nuts from Shea butter and Coconut Oil.

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