Authentic African Black Soap


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To make the soap, the women of the village dry Plantain fruit skins in the sun. They then roast the skins in a clay oven. This gives it that fine natural scent and texture. The longer the duration of the drying process the darker the color. Then it is mixed with palm kernel oil to get the finished product. Made in Ghana.

Ingredients : Water, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Plantain Skin Ash, Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash

Size: 4oz

This bar can be used for the face and the body. We don't recommend applying the bar directly to skin as it can be drying. For best results, pinch off small pieces of the bar and gently massage between wet palms until a lather is formed. Then apply to a sponge, rag, or exfoliating net and apply to skin. Follow up with a moisturizer. 

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