Acne Be Gone - Acne Relief Kit

Recommendations: We recommend using the acne be gone face wash once daily followed by the acne be gone face serum to moisturize, either morning or night.  The face serum can be used morning and night if extra moisturizing is needed.  The face scrub should be used on more than twice a week for exfoliation.  The beauty bar can be used on your body to treat body acne.  We recommend moisturizing with a product such as, the even skin body cream afterwards. 

Kit Contents: Acne Be Gone Face Wash, Acne Be Gone Face Serum, Acne Be Gone Beauty Bar, Acne Be Gone Face Scrub

Size: Acne Be Gone Face Wash (9.5 oz), Acne Be Gone Face Serum (2 oz), Acne Be Gone Beauty Bar (1 full size soap bar), Acne Be Gone Face Scrub (4 oz)

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